Tai Chi
Tai chi offers many benefits for health, relaxation, and concentration. A Tai Chi practitioner is mindful during each posture and movement, allowing the chi energy to flow throughout the body. There are numerous medical studies demonstrating the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, including for many people with arthritic and neurological conditions.
Dr. Eric Berger conducts two Tai Chi classes on Monday evenings at the Zen Center. The courses run for six weeks and are held four times a year. An additional four-week course is offered in November. The first hour-long session is for those who have taken a minimum of five prior courses with Eric. The second hour is for those who are new to the practice of Tai Chi or for those who have not completed five courses.

 Tai chi is often described as ‘meditation in motion,’ but it might well be called ‘medication in motion.’ There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape.

Harvard Women’s Health Watch, May 2009

Benefits of Tai Chi

The Harvard Women’s Health Watch lists these among the many benefits of Tai Chi:

Who Can Practice Tai Chi?

Anyone who wishes. Participants will learn the principles of Tai Chi, Chi Kung postures, simple push-hands techniques, and the movements of the Tai Chi Long Form—the fundamental series of movements. They will also be offered instruction on how to sense their chi and how to allow it to flow in their movements.

About the Course

Classes will begin with warm-up exercises, including movements that help participants to relax and sense their chi. This will be followed by Chi Kung instruction and practice.

Participants will then be taught movements of the Long Form—the fundamental series of movements in Tai Chi. People who have taken prior classes will learn new Long Form movements appropriate to their experience, while newcomers will be taught the beginning movements. In addition, all students will be taught gentle push hands techniques.